Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Conditions of participation in the X HWISS - July 21nd to August 4th 2011

Enrollment is very easy – participants are required to fulfill only couple of conditions:
* a sculptor working in wood, with the knowledge of creating sculptures in the open air
* a student of the University/ School of Applied Arts - Sculpture studio (the last year) working     in wood, with a reference of her/his professor      
written application (download – PDF file – 69 KB, online application) and appendices
must be sent by 30th April 2011. It is required to send following appendices with the application (or no later than 30th April 2011):
    • Documentation of woodworks
      (Photos - size 10x15, catalogue, eventually a link to personal website)
    • Sculpture sketch – trace in the scaling factor of 1:10
consent with the deed of gift (a deed of gift template is available for download: PDF file – 30KB), which confirms that the sculpture will become a possession of the city of Prostějov
Organization of the symposium grants a full compensation to selected authors:
* sculptures will be made in National House exteriors and in the adjacent town park
* the material will be oak, ash, poplar
* accommodation, food, and material is guaranteed and funded by organizers and producers
* accommodation will be in a hotel, single room with shower and toilet, 200 meters from the workplace 
* food will be ensured three times a day, 50 meters from the workplace
* each participant must have their personal tools and saw. 
    High-lift track, pallets, jacks, saw sharpening and tools are ensured by the organization 
* each participant covers their own transportation costs
* each participant will be awarded by 10 000 CZK after the sculpture is finished 
Sculpture in wood, preferably vertically compounded, a free motif. 
The sculpture will be placed in suitable setting chosen by  http://www.sculpturesymposium.cz/ Prostějov town.  
Contact information:
Miroslav Švancara, 798 13 Vrbátky 179, Czech Republic, 
tel. +420 602 789 045
English language +420 728 290 213
 http://www.sculpturesymposium.cz, www.sculpturesymposium.cz,  svancara.m@volny.cz

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